Wedding Venues in UK to Look Out For

Cooling Castle Barn

wedding photographyThis wedding venue in Kent is something that you should really go ahead and consider if you are scouting out options for wedding venues in UK at some point or so. This particular venue will give you a pretty impressive backdrop to set your wedding up against and it will help keep things interesting for you one way or the other. The views are quite splendid to take a look at. You can go ahead and book Cooling Castle Barn exclusively for a day or more depending on what your wedding plans are and how you would like things to pan out for you. It is a truly special and practical venue to go ahead and book for your wedding because they have exceptional service to boot. That is something that you can never really substitute when you come to think about it.

You need to reserve or to book in advance though given how popular this wedding venue is, especially during the peak seasons.

If you would like to feel pampered and well taken care of by an experienced team of wedding coordinators and crew, then this wedding venue is perfect for you. You will be surprised to see and to know that the planning of the wedding will turn out to be just as enjoyable as the wedding itself. Take out the stresses of planning your wedding by having fully capable people all around you all of the time. They are open all days of the week to make sure that you will always have people ready to help you out on whatever you might need for your wedding.

Staying true to how castles are, the Cooling Castle Barn also has sloping grounds and well-manicured lawns and gardens at your disposal. You can always take your wedding outside and go al fresco if you fancy a garden wedding of if you would just like to take things outside every now and then. The venue has options for you to go ahead and take advantage of trellises and canopies and this is something that you can always use to your advantage. Just coordinate with the staff accordingly so that you can get everything prepared and planned out well ahead of time. Make all of the necessary requests the entire time that you are trying to work things out.

Lumley Castle

Getting married in an enchanting castle made out of fairy tale dreams is something that every romantic out there has been yearning for either openly or secretly. If this is what you are looking out for as well, then one thing that you can check out is the possibility of booking Lumley castle as your wedding venue. This historic castle has been around for a little over 600 years. This means that you are technically taking a little bit of history along with you all throughout the time that you are planning your wedding out. This wedding venue is something that is extremely unique and something that you can really look forward to at the end of the day. As what the custom is with castles in general, you get to check out acre upon acre of gardens and well-maintained lawns and parklands

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Two Great Venues In Hertfordshire

Choosing a venue in Hertfordshire

wedding photography tipsChoosing popular wedding venues in Hertfordshire if you do have any plans to get married there can turn out to be a tough one especially if you are not from the place and if you know next to nothing about it. The thing is, there are so many different kinds of venues you will be able to choose from. The variety and the diversity of the options alone will make your head spin and this is something that you need to go ahead and do something about at the end of the day. At the end of the day, it really all boils down to what appeals to you in particular as a client.

What you find interesting and fascinating may not turn out to be what the other people about to get married may find interesting and fascinating and this is really quite alright. The fact that it is your wedding means that you get to call the shots and that you get to state the rules on this as well when it all comes down to it. If you would like to check out the unique and the popular venues out in Hertfordshire, here are a few things that you might want to keep tabs of as much as possible.

Hitchin Priory

This is something that will probably appeal to you if you are a history buff or if you are the kind of person who wants to have a certain sense of nostalgia in the wedding venue. This wedding venue is something that is actually quite steeped in history. As a matter of fact, it was even said that Henry VIII is just one of the prominent aristocrats who have frequented this particular wedding venue during its heyday. Everything about the place boasts of grandeur and of intricate design and architecture. This is something that will really appeal to you photographically and visually and this is the kind of thing that you should try to play around with as much as you possibly can. If you would like to get your hands on something that has a fairy tale and castle like feel to it, then you should definitely opt for Hitchin Priory in Hertfordshire.

Fanhams Hall

If you are a bit fond of historic stuff while at the same time, you would like to go ahead and put in a modern touch to things, then Fanhams Hall is just the kind of thing that you will be able to work out to your advantage as a wedding venue. It is basically an old manor house in Hertfordshire that is glamorous and that has been styled lavishly but at the same time, it is also something that is currently outfitted with all of the right benefits and conveniences that modernity has to offer out to you and to the wedding party who is coming along with you. You not only get your hands on something that is picturesque and nice to look at, you are also comfortable all throughout the time that you are there.

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