The Real Value of Wedding Photography

wedding photography Northern IrelandSome couples think that it shouldn’t cost them that much to hire a wedding photographer. The job to take pictures in a wedding doesn’t sound like a that hard of a job to cost them thousands of dollars.

Yet, it seems that they failed to figure out the real value of wedding photography Northern Ireland. Why?

Not just taking pictures

For professional photographers, it’s not as simple as simply taking pictures. They need to set a lot of things in motion to prepare for the wedding day. Starting from the day you come to them for your consultation down to your last meeting before the wedding day.

Your photographer works hard and makes use of his experience to prepare even better ideas for you. This all takes time and extra effort from his side to make sure he’s taking the pictures from the best angle and timing. There’s also the post-production or editing process that will give the finishing touch to each picture.


The amount of time a photographer can spend for a single client can sum up to weeks and even months. Consider the fact that he needs to prepare a couple of hours just to let you consult with him and answer your questions through emails whenever he has time. Outside of that, he also has to do his own research regarding your weddings, such as finding out about the venue or the particular theme you’re interested in.

Undoubtedly, there’s also the whole day where your photographer has to take pictures continuously. After that, he has to edit the pictures, clean up the details and enhance them as for how he envisioned them when he took those pictures. He also needs to arrange the wedding album, print and then present them in a decorative way for you.

A professional wedding photography Northern Ireland service from is one that does serious time investment into all these. He does not take too much commission a year in order to focus on what he has in hand.


This is another thing that only time can give. An experienced photographer has more capabilities and insight to work on a job with fewer chances of failures. It’s totally up to you to whether trust someone who’s able to show you previous stunning pictures or some affordable photographer with little experience.

He also has more reasons for his actions and more effective in doing so. Meaning, the cost that you pay is really for each and every effort he puts into your wedding. Most professionals are also more likely to help out in various situations that you can’t imagine.


The value of wedding pictures that you get cannot be measured. If you are to, say, sell those wedding pictures, how much would want? In 40 years’ time, you’d realize that this is one of the most precious treasures with your beloved ones. There’s nothing you can give to go back in time and shoot more wedding pictures.

There’s also nothing you want in return to give out such precious memories from your wedding photography Northern Ireland.