Tips for a Leeds Wedding Photographer to Capture a Wedding Party

Leeds wedding photographerEver heard the term “practice makes perfect”? However, there is only so much you can do when practicing portrait shots of a bride making use of your pet dog. The real thing is often different from what you imagine. You can only keep improving on things as you experience them.

In that case, how would you handle shooting a wedding party as a Leeds wedding photographer for the first time? Of course you may not find this fear easy. But not to worry, we have written an article on how to handle situations like this. If you ever find yourself dealing with a wedding party in future, read our tips below:

  • Plan the shot

Every good photographer understands the importance of planning ahead. Planning ahead involves creating a shot list of expected pictures a couple would want to see in their album. It also involves thinking up arrangements for the various pictures you will have to take.

The arrangements should be done in such a way that no member of the wedding party feels slighted at their positioning. Also, you need to get the couple to work with you by letting them know how important it is that every member of the wedding party that needs to be captured show up a the designated spot.

The best time to take a shot of the wedding party is after the wedding has been concluded but before the reception. Not every guest will make it to the wedding ceremony and not everyone will go to the reception so, to capture the most people, the time in between is the best one.

  • Utilize props

Some times, you get to see shots of a wedding party where they are all standing but in the frame in which it was shot, the picture does not always end up looking great. The Leeds Wedding Photographer can decide to create a balanced shot that has some members of the party seating, leaning on certain objects or squatting depending on the location.

  • Make use of an assistant

An assistant does not have to be someone that works in the same line of wedding photography. It can be a friend. This assistant can help you round up the guests and also have them positioned in the way you want them. The assistant can also help you hold the tripod or lighting equipment that will make the shot come out better. You can also get the input of the assistant when it comes to taking shots that are difficult.

  • Capture a lot of images

In photography, there is the hidden rule that you need to take a lot of shots of the same scene. This is because anything can happen in one frame. Having multiple shots gives you the option of choosing the best one. Also, the expressions of the wedding party or even the poses can change as you shoot the images. The more shots at your disposal, the better! Just ensure that you have adequate memory cards in place in case you run out of storage space.

For more information on how a Leeds wedding photographer can handle a large wedding party, visit Kirsty Mattson Photography.