Baby Photography: Keeping it Safe and Fun

baby photographyFun and safe; those are the most important points any baby photographer has to remember. The session is only as great as how the baby is enjoying it. It will also define the success of the baby photography service you’re offering.

And now, let’s see why one would need to keep his session fun and safe. The gravity of it is bigger than you think.

Parents expect their child to enjoy it

Most parents come and book for a session with happy expressions in their imagination. It’s obvious since you also put up happy pictures of babies as your portfolios. While it’s a wrong notion that all babies laugh when they are exposed to the same thing, it’s common.

Before the session, you definitely need to tell the parents that baby reacts differently. They shouldn’t expect the same expression as they saw in other pictures. But that does not eliminate the fact that they still want laughing pictures more.

Dismiss the stress from the parents

With newborns, parents are especially facing new challenges and changes which potentially stress them out. Mothers are commonly exhausted from their fight the other night, so it’s only normal if they look groggy and tired. Keeping the session fun is a way to lessen the annoyance of having to wait for hours.

With baby pictures, the parents might not be as tired, but if this is the first time for them, it can still be the same. Help the parents to get the baby interested and make it into a fun session that creates a memorable time. Try checking out portfolios of baby photography from You can imagine that it has to be a nice session for the baby to be expressing such adorable looks and smiles.

Create a positive image

You should also keep your image as a photographer positive. Imagine if all you can show to parents are crying and shocked babies. Parents can’t exactly complain about your skill as a photographer but as a baby photographer… well, that’d prove to be hard.

Safety is also something that is important. Parents can complain, spread negative reviews and even sue you for using dangerous means to take pictures of their baby. Even if they may have seemed to be complying at first, when things go wrong, they will blame for being unprofessional at putting the baby in danger without parent’s ‘official consent’.

Let parents leave with a positive experience

Aside from the pictures, parents also want to have a positive and safe experience with having their baby’s pictures taken. It goes without saying that this is what you want because it’ll move them to give a great review about you.

If there’s anything stronger than professional marketing manager, that’d be the power of word-of-mouth. Happy parents are always eager to show off the pictures they got from you and tell others about how great you were as their photographer.

Every job is a precious chance to expand your exposure even more. At the same time, they can also be the downfall of you if don’t put your all into it. By making sure that each baby photography session is happy and safe for the baby and the parent, you should never worry anymore.