Importance of Branding for a Wedding Photographer Dublin

wedding photographer DublinA proper branding is to a wedding photographer Dublin is like water is to a fish; one simply cannot survive without it. In the midst of strict competition between photographers, be it individual professionals or agencies, a brand is something that could seperate a photographer from the rest. It is his portfolio that should speak for itself without him having to bother explaining about what he could do to his prospective clients.

How important branding is

There are many ways that you could use to build your portfolio. You could simply create a website that displays all the photos you’ve taken throughout your career, or print some of your best shots and put it in a photo album which your prospective clients get to see when you meet. Either way, you need to make sure that the shots you display really show who you are. You want to tell your clients that this is my style of photography, I could do much better when doing photoshoot using this particular style. This will give you credentials.

Such credentials are indeed important for your branding. People may know you as a natural photographer or artistic photographer, it’s your call. The way you present yourself, and your style of photography, determines how others will address you. And, believe it or not, this will draw clients to you both directly and indirectly.

How to start branding

There are several ways that you could use to start branding yourself. Some of them are going to be discussed in this article. Here ther are:

Create your own mood board

A mood board is a very useful tool that could convey your take on an idea to your client. When a client comes to you with a specific idea about his photoshoot, you could create a mood board to show him that this is how you perceive the idea. This allows both of you to quickly reach an agreement rather than discussing about abstract concepts for hours.

Create your own key words

Words like ‘energetic’ or ‘artsy’ could give people a bit of idea about yourself. As a wedding photographer Dublin, this is your first chance to impress your prospective clients. Create words that describe yourself and start your branding.

Create you own logo

In any business, a logo is the identity of an entity, and photographers are no exception to this. You need to have your own logo that you will display on your various marketing materials, like printed portfolio, website, and social media accounts. Possessing a logo will boost your likeliness to be contacted by clients as they would perceive you to be a professional in whatever you do.

Create your own target market

Prospecting couples that most likely would be interested with your style of photography would be much more effective than approaching every couple that is getting married. Be focused and specific with your own style and your style only. This will bring you clients who most likely are interested in the way you work.

It is undeniable that personal branding is really essential for the success of a wedding photographer Dublin. As a professional photographer, Olga Hogan has shown us how such branding has contributed to her success.