Adelaide Wedding Photographers’ Guide to Recovering Lost Images

Adelaide Wedding PhotographersAccidentally deleting photos from their storage would be the worst thing that many Adelaide wedding photographers would be worried about. This may occur accicentally or intentionally, like when a photographer thinks that a photo is worthless and deletes it until he regrets the decision and would try to recover that particular photo. Either way, losing a photo would indeed be a loss to any photographer.

Fortunately, there are procedures that you could follow to restore photos that got deleted. This article is going to share a few tips on what you need to do when you get some photos deleted both accidentally and intentionally. Here they are:

Don’t panic

The first thing that you need to do is stop being panic. In this digitized era where technology could do almost everything, you could be sure that there’s a procedure for you to do anything you want to do. There are hundreds of online forums where people would share their experience with many things, and restoring deleted photos is not an exception. This shows you that actually there are other people who have experienced the thing you do, and that there’s solution to everything.

Try to read the card in different systems

If you are in a situation where your computer fails at recognizing your memory card and thus cannot identify the files in it, then you may try to insert the memory card into several other different systems to make sure if your card is really the issue in the situation. One thing that you need to remember is that you should never format your card in this situation as it would really delete all your files.

Use specific program to copy all the files – there are actually several programs that are available for Adelaide wedding photographers which functions to restore lost data. If you use Windows, you could use a program called dd. This program will make copies of all your files, making sure that you would have an access to the lost file. The advantage of using  this program is that it copies your files, not removing any of it, so you would be able to revert back to your original setting anytime you want.

Install and use software to restore your data

After successfully copying all the files from the disc you want, you could then execute the restoring action with the help of specific data restoring software. There are plenty of them available, be it a freeware or a pay-to-use ones. Usually the pay-to-use software would give free trials to new users to help them decide whether or not to purchase their service.

Given the fact that these software would almost certainly be better than the freeware, trying their free trial isn’t a bad decision. If one software could not solve your problem, then don’t hesitate to try another. You are free to try as many programs as you want as long as they could restore your photos without any fuss.

The main point to remember for Adelaide wedding photographers is that they need not to be panic when finding out that they have lost their photos. You could consult with Panache Weddings to get better tips on restoring your photos.

Importance of Branding for a Wedding Photographer Dublin

wedding photographer DublinA proper branding is to a wedding photographer Dublin is like water is to a fish; one simply cannot survive without it. In the midst of strict competition between photographers, be it individual professionals or agencies, a brand is something that could seperate a photographer from the rest. It is his portfolio that should speak for itself without him having to bother explaining about what he could do to his prospective clients.

How important branding is

There are many ways that you could use to build your portfolio. You could simply create a website that displays all the photos you’ve taken throughout your career, or print some of your best shots and put it in a photo album which your prospective clients get to see when you meet. Either way, you need to make sure that the shots you display really show who you are. You want to tell your clients that this is my style of photography, I could do much better when doing photoshoot using this particular style. This will give you credentials.

Such credentials are indeed important for your branding. People may know you as a natural photographer or artistic photographer, it’s your call. The way you present yourself, and your style of photography, determines how others will address you. And, believe it or not, this will draw clients to you both directly and indirectly.

How to start branding

There are several ways that you could use to start branding yourself. Some of them are going to be discussed in this article. Here ther are:

Create your own mood board

A mood board is a very useful tool that could convey your take on an idea to your client. When a client comes to you with a specific idea about his photoshoot, you could create a mood board to show him that this is how you perceive the idea. This allows both of you to quickly reach an agreement rather than discussing about abstract concepts for hours.

Create your own key words

Words like ‘energetic’ or ‘artsy’ could give people a bit of idea about yourself. As a wedding photographer Dublin, this is your first chance to impress your prospective clients. Create words that describe yourself and start your branding.

Create you own logo

In any business, a logo is the identity of an entity, and photographers are no exception to this. You need to have your own logo that you will display on your various marketing materials, like printed portfolio, website, and social media accounts. Possessing a logo will boost your likeliness to be contacted by clients as they would perceive you to be a professional in whatever you do.

Create your own target market

Prospecting couples that most likely would be interested with your style of photography would be much more effective than approaching every couple that is getting married. Be focused and specific with your own style and your style only. This will bring you clients who most likely are interested in the way you work.

It is undeniable that personal branding is really essential for the success of a wedding photographer Dublin. As a professional photographer, Olga Hogan has shown us how such branding has contributed to her success.

Tips for a Leeds Wedding Photographer to Capture a Wedding Party

Leeds wedding photographerEver heard the term “practice makes perfect”? However, there is only so much you can do when practicing portrait shots of a bride making use of your pet dog. The real thing is often different from what you imagine. You can only keep improving on things as you experience them.

In that case, how would you handle shooting a wedding party as a Leeds wedding photographer for the first time? Of course you may not find this fear easy. But not to worry, we have written an article on how to handle situations like this. If you ever find yourself dealing with a wedding party in future, read our tips below:

  • Plan the shot

Every good photographer understands the importance of planning ahead. Planning ahead involves creating a shot list of expected pictures a couple would want to see in their album. It also involves thinking up arrangements for the various pictures you will have to take.

The arrangements should be done in such a way that no member of the wedding party feels slighted at their positioning. Also, you need to get the couple to work with you by letting them know how important it is that every member of the wedding party that needs to be captured show up a the designated spot.

The best time to take a shot of the wedding party is after the wedding has been concluded but before the reception. Not every guest will make it to the wedding ceremony and not everyone will go to the reception so, to capture the most people, the time in between is the best one.

  • Utilize props

Some times, you get to see shots of a wedding party where they are all standing but in the frame in which it was shot, the picture does not always end up looking great. The Leeds Wedding Photographer can decide to create a balanced shot that has some members of the party seating, leaning on certain objects or squatting depending on the location.

  • Make use of an assistant

An assistant does not have to be someone that works in the same line of wedding photography. It can be a friend. This assistant can help you round up the guests and also have them positioned in the way you want them. The assistant can also help you hold the tripod or lighting equipment that will make the shot come out better. You can also get the input of the assistant when it comes to taking shots that are difficult.

  • Capture a lot of images

In photography, there is the hidden rule that you need to take a lot of shots of the same scene. This is because anything can happen in one frame. Having multiple shots gives you the option of choosing the best one. Also, the expressions of the wedding party or even the poses can change as you shoot the images. The more shots at your disposal, the better! Just ensure that you have adequate memory cards in place in case you run out of storage space.

For more information on how a Leeds wedding photographer can handle a large wedding party, visit Kirsty Mattson Photography.

The Importance of Organization for a Raleigh Newborn Photographer

Raleigh newborn photographerOne thing you have to learn as a business owner is that if you want to stay on top of things and operate at full productivity, you need to be well organized. Unfortunately, organization is one act that people tend to disregard and when the worse happens, they begin to appreciate it in hindsight. For a Raleigh Newborn Photographer, organization is not something to be taken lightly since the subject you will be dealing with is highly unpredictable.

It is a certain fact that babies are volatile. They might be smiling at you at one moment, and the next thing they are doing Is crying. Since a baby is not yet developed, there are few ways they can express themselves and one of them is by crying. This is very different from an adult who will communicate in clear words what they are feeling. Therefore, there is no way you can make it as newborn photographer with the unpredictable nature of newborns and have a disorganized method of arranging your shoots or working in general.

So, what can be done to ensure that you continuously stay on top of your game when it comes to photography and ensure that all jobs with the little one go as smoothly as possible? Read below:

  • Plan

There is no way you can think of organization without planning falling into the mix as well. Ever heard the saying “if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail”? Well, that is totally the truth when talking about photography. Photography is more about foresight than hindsight. You try to think of things and plan for them ahead of time before they even occur. You also think of alternatives to set plans to avoid a situation that can disrupt the entire shoot. However, there are many photographers who do not think of this. Most of them operate on taking things as they come and this has led to a lot of disastrous shoots.

  • Prep

After planning, you have prep. As a Raleigh newborn photographer, it is expected that you will have the little one visit your studio to take shots of them. However, you cannot expect to start putting everything in place at that moment. All the things necessary for the shoot ought to have been laid out way ahead of time so they can either be within reach or already on ground to get the shoot running. Speaking on the volatility of babies, imagine trying to set up for a shoot and the well-behaved baby suddenly starts screaming on top of his lungs, you have already missed your opportunity to shoot them on the right mood.

  • Be brief

Why take one hour for a shoot that can easily be done in either 10 or 20 minutes. This is where proper planning and prep helps. With al the right strategies and tools in place, you can easily shorten the length of time that it takes for you to complete a photoshoot. Guess who will be grateful for that? The parents and the baby. Babies are fussy and do not like anything that puts them in discomfort. A shoot of more than 20 minutes definitely falls into that category.

For more on organization for Raleigh newborn photographer, visit,

Skills Every Leeds Wedding Photographer Should Have

Leeds wedding photographerCan anyone be a professional Leeds Wedding Photographer? The answer is no! Wedding photography is not a profession anyone can just walk into. It requires a lot of dedication and commitment and let’s not forget the most important one of all – skills!

Yes, you may have passion for photography but does that mean you can make a success out of it if you decide to make it your career? In the modern day world, only people that are able to present needed skills to their organization are hired. If you lack the skills then chances are, the company will ten you down for someone else who has it.

Let’s use an example to illustrate:

Two friends go for an interview in an accounting firm. Friend A during school sat for Professional Accounting Exams and during his holidays volunteered as a cashier at the local grocery store. He also enrolled for extra classes on how to use accounting softwares. On the other hand, you have Friend B who only finished his degree in Accounting. Who do you think the interviewer is going to end up hiring? Sure, hiring managers look for soft skills as well as professional competencies, but, on paper, it is quite clear to see that Friend A has the upper hand due to the competencies and skills he managed to amass before leaving school.

Now, for you who wants to make yourself a professional in the field of photography, ask yourself if you have any skills to present to clients that would make them eager to hire you. If not, now would be the perfect time to develop yourself. To engage in photography, there are 2 skills every eager Leeds wedding photographer must hone. They are:

  • Familiarity with your equipment

Anybody can shoot a camera. When we say anyone we mean anyone. Give a camera to a baby and have them fiddle with it. Sooner or later, they are bound to hit that capture button.

Even the toddler in kindergarten also knows how to use a phone camera. If they can already play games and build LEGO’s, nothing is stopping them from being able to take selfies or shoot pictures. What we are trying to explain from these examples is that, your skill with photography equipment should separate you from regular human beings who are not making photography a career path. If it does not, then there is no need for you to offer your services to them as they would think they don’t need it.

  • Create a Portfolio

A portfolio is usually a comprehensive display of a Leeds Wedding Photographer’ s work. Check out on how a portfolio should look like. Of course, there are different ways to build a portfolio, you can either do it online or have albums of it.

When it comes to portfolios, you have to be careful to show your best work. Your portfolio should differ from the camera gallery of the average individual after all, you are the professional. Your portfolio must be a deliberate attempt at showcasing your best work so as to sell your ability as a professional to interested individuals.

Before You Sign That Contract for Luxury Wedding Photography

luxury wedding photographySigning the contract means that you agree with the term that your wedding photographer is giving to you upon providing his luxury wedding photography service. Everything that you both agree on is on that piece of paper, but hold on!

The power of a contract cannot be seen until, well, you have to refer to the contract because of the case you are having. Whether that’s having to pay extra or your right to demand your money back. But, of course, we are not hoping for you to have the need to do that. Being careful, however, is always necessary so that you don’t regret it later.

Fine print

Many exclusions and details are placed on the fine print sections. And this is often the reason that many people are facing problems when the case is brought to the court. You have signed the contract and agreed with everything in it including the ones you forgot to read. Like that small prints on the footer that says you have to pay extra for something and you just happened to do that something.

Proper discussion

Before you hurry the procedure to contract to sign, take your time getting to know the photographer. Make sure that even way before, you are not procrastinating what needs to be done or set the wedding date way too close. You will run out of time choosing the right person for the event. Everything always ends up better and within your expectations if you make time to plan properly for them.

For example, the owner of who provides professional luxury wedding photography tells us that things always ended up better for those that plan. They came prepared, knew what they wanted for the wedding and asked the right questions. It made the discussion a whole lot easier to do.

They definitely took their time to read what is in the contract. It’s a deal worth thousands of dollars after all, not something you sign after a quick 15 seconds scan just to make it look like you cared.

When it doesn’t match

We really hope that what you read contains everything that is according to what both of you had discussed. But if you happen to read sections that do not seem clear enough or different from what was promised (or what you understood), don’t hesitate to ask questions. Make your photographer to explain the terms thoroughly because that is the contract that your photographer wrote.

Until you understand what’s in there, don’t give your consent or sign on that paper. At the end of the day, you will be glad you didn’t because too many couples ended up losing because they signed before agreeing personally with it. They protested after everything else was done which is, frankly, way too late to do it. Unless the terms are against the regulations that exist.

We are happy about your wedding and we really pray for each of your happiness. This is just one way from us to help you make sure that the luxury wedding photography is going to be only a positive experience for you to remember, not the bad, tedious or even hurtful ones!

Hiring Your Grand Rapids Wedding Photographer: When and How

Grand Rapids wedding photographerWe figured out that many of our readers who are couples in search of wedding photography guide still don’t know when they should start planning for everything. A lot of couples who procrastinated ended up hiring not the Grand Rapids wedding photographer they wanted. They had to settle with people they didn’t want!

Just like that, they proceeded to their wedding with a little disappointment. But we know that’s not what you want.

Early is better

If you are able to plan for things early, that will be great for you. Make sure that you know what you want for your wedding as early as possible. A lot of vendors are hired early, especially a wedding photographer. People can book them up to 2 years in advance! You don’t want to lose your chances, so be early and reserve a spot for yourself.

But this is not the same as making your decisions rashly! The earlier you plan, the more time you have to think about and compare the available wedding photographers. That’s the key to being early.

Choose wisely

We are pretty sure that many of you head over to the portfolios section as soon as you bump on a photography site. That’s only natural because pictures are what you came here for and we will still recommend anyone to go to that page if they ever look for one. But that is not the only thing you need to know.

There are several factors to consider, such as is the Grand Rapids wedding photographer experienced? How many years is his photography experience? Why are you sure that he will be able to reenact the fabulous works he showed on his portfolios as Chrystin Melanie Photography does?

One thing you need to remember is that those pictures are their best work and they chose to show you them because they know you’ll be attracted. But the overall result of their work is unknown. You need to know this as it’s much more important!

Ask and talk

You should spend some time talking with the person behind the camera. That is why it’s wise to set up a face-to-face meeting with them and don’t let time rush you when you talk with them. The more you know about each other, the easier it will be during your wedding photography.

Prepare some questions that you want to ask your photographer. Depending on how your wedding is going to be held, you may have different things you want to know. For example, if you rent a venue that in a different town, how will the travel fee be counted? What happens when you have to hire the photographer for extra hours?

Don’t let these details be discussed on a later date! It will become awkward to reject the photographer at that point. Don’t give your word too soon if you haven’t planned to sign the contract, yet. If you know everything from the beginning, especially the price and charges that your Grand Rapids wedding photographer gives, it’ll be easier to compare him to other photographers as well.

Photographer Dundee: 4 Tips to Be a Professional

photographer DundeeEvery photographer aims to be a professional and we believe that you, a photographer Dundee, also has the same goal. Of course, it’s a long-term goal that you need to constantly work at. It’s not something that you can easily achieve in the time of a month or two. It’s always filled with years of hard work and determination of a photographer whether it’s portrait or wedding photography.

There are, however, 4 tips that every photographer can follow!

Stick to it!

Many photographers that we know opt to provide various services in the beginning. That’s natural when you are not sure what you want to do with your camera, but you simply know that’s where your passion is. Take your time to explore and gain experiences while doing that. But in the long run, there’s one thing you must remember.

A professional photographer is that guy that focuses on one thing only. For example, a portrait photographer will focus on portrait only and won’t consider doing things like commercial photography. So, be sure of what you want and focus on that sight only because that will set your competition bar high against others as well.

Learn from professionals

A professional photographer is required to learn of the best ways. And we know that many of you probably don’t have the right timing and chance to do so. You also have to find someone good and it will take quite the time to apply. But don’t worry.

There is one professional photographer Dundee you can always learn from and that is One can always gain even better experience from professionals and how to become one themselves by observation.

Love your equipment

You will be working with that equipment for a very long time, so you need to know how to use and care for them. Obviously, you need to have a bag to carry them around and it has to be able to protect lenses and cameras from hitting each other and making scratches.

Remember that you always need to bring spares because in case something happens, you don’t have to find the closest shop to get a memory card or a spare battery. You should also plan to insure everything because what you use are thousands of dollars of investment and you carry them everywhere. Things happen and most of the time, you don’t have the power to prevent or fix them. What you can do is minimize the damage done.

Keep your passion

It’s probably the most important part of being a photographer Dundee. You need to have a passion that keeps burning even after years of being a photographer. Without passion, you will lose the motivation to improvise and do better at work. You might start to complain a lot and won’t be able to even enjoy what you’ve been doing! That can be really dangerous to your career.

Someone who wants to be professional has to keep these four things from time to time. If you always seek out to learn from others, keep your passion and care for your equipment, you will become one in no time!

What to Do in a Family Photography

Jacksonville family photographer Is this your first family photography session? We know that someone of you can get nervous about getting a group picture done with your family with a professional Jacksonville family photographer. That is why it is important that you get ready as best as you can for it because chances are, this is going to be the picture that will stand in your living room for a long time!

How to prepare yourself and your family for the session? What kind of clothes and how should you act during it?

What to wear

This is important without a doubt. A photographer can edit only so much from your picture; what you wear is going to be permanent. Your wardrobe choice doesn’t have to be a stressful thing to think about! The key here is to complement each other.

You don’t have to force the whole family to wear matching shirts throughout the session or get the same accessories just to look like a family. Wear something that shows the unique you, but also complement each other, such as mix and match of different colors. A good advice while you do this is to consult with your family photographer.

What you wear has to be something that fits the background as well. If you are going to take the picture somewhere in a park, you want to look casual and bright. If it is done on a beautiful street in the city, you want to look more like a fashionista. Remember to wear according to your age and look! If your kids are still young, let them wear something of their age!

Teamwork with the photographer

Kids. You just cannot control what they do all the time. Their curiosity and eagerness to have fun often override your commands to stand still. That is why you need to work things out with your Jacksonville family photographer first. A professional like, however, will not tell you to keep your child controlled.

In a family photography session, being who you are with the people you love is the whole point of it. A family picture that only shows people acting based on a script will not look good. Let the kids show their smiles and excitement, but do not let them get too excited and run too far! The key is to be the parent that observes them within a certain boundary.

Before the session, the day before is a good time to inform the kids what you will be doing. Be clear and straightforward in explaining to them what will happen. Tell them what they can and cannot do during it but end it with a fun note! Everyone has to enjoy the session.

Throughout the session, be sure to listen to the photographer’s advice of posing and expression. While your opinions are definitely appreciated because the pictures will end up in your hand, trust the procedure in his hands. Try to enjoy the company of the Jacksonville family photographer and think of him as a friend as that will make it easier. Do review the results after taking the pictures to make sure that they look like what you want.

The Kind of Event Photographer You Want

event photography There are many kinds of event photographers. You need to identify the kind of event photographer that is best to shoot your kind of event.

There are some photographers who excel in taking this kind of event while others in another kind of event. How do you know if yours is suitable for you?

Specifically, events

Your photographer has to be someone who has worked on an event similar to yours. It’s easier to work with and be guaranteed of the results that will be given to you. Your photographer cannot be someone that works on just any kind of photography job. That sort of photographer will not go anywhere and won’t bring a professional result

Unless you are okay with half-assed pictures.

Pay attention

In any event, things can unfold suddenly. Sometimes, they are already mentioned in the itinerary, so it’s up to your photographer to pay attention to it. Each event can be different from each other, so it’s the photographer job to always confirm what is going to happen tonight.

Your photographer has to be someone that pays attention when you talk about your event details. It’s even better if he can show it by replying and asking questions back. If he isn’t, you either change your photographer or try to knock it into his head. Paying attention can make a whole lot of difference in the results.

Other events

If you have attended other events with a photographer before, check out the results of the pictures. If they look good to you, you can ask for the contact details. This is actually a better way to get a photographer who’s shown his job done well right before your eyes.

If you need a recommendation, we can give you one. You can hire an event photographer from, a corporate that focuses their operation on event photography.


Sometimes, you’re faced with the option of hiring a photographer who was actually experienced in another field of photography but is about to switch to event photography. There are several things to consider.

First, what was his experience in photography? Was it in something that is related to capturing pictures in a specific event, such as wedding photography? If so, he is more used to handling pictures in the middle of the crowd and that’s one less thing to worry about.

Next is what are his training or possible experiences in event photography. Has this person, perhaps, took some voluntary pictures of events before? If so, ask for the portfolios and assess if they are good enough. You need someone that can deliver the great result to make it looks interesting and ensure next event’s success.

An event photographer may not look like an important job, but visual is something that humans enjoy compared to words. With one or two pictures of an event, interest can grow in the people that look at them, creating a positive image in their mind with it. Yet, imagine trying to invite people into an event that you never had a documentation before or with poorly captured pictures (like unhappy attendees or blurry images).

The Real Value of Wedding Photography

wedding photography Northern IrelandSome couples think that it shouldn’t cost them that much to hire a wedding photographer. The job to take pictures in a wedding doesn’t sound like a that hard of a job to cost them thousands of dollars.

Yet, it seems that they failed to figure out the real value of wedding photography Northern Ireland. Why?

Not just taking pictures

For professional photographers, it’s not as simple as simply taking pictures. They need to set a lot of things in motion to prepare for the wedding day. Starting from the day you come to them for your consultation down to your last meeting before the wedding day.

Your photographer works hard and makes use of his experience to prepare even better ideas for you. This all takes time and extra effort from his side to make sure he’s taking the pictures from the best angle and timing. There’s also the post-production or editing process that will give the finishing touch to each picture.


The amount of time a photographer can spend for a single client can sum up to weeks and even months. Consider the fact that he needs to prepare a couple of hours just to let you consult with him and answer your questions through emails whenever he has time. Outside of that, he also has to do his own research regarding your weddings, such as finding out about the venue or the particular theme you’re interested in.

Undoubtedly, there’s also the whole day where your photographer has to take pictures continuously. After that, he has to edit the pictures, clean up the details and enhance them as for how he envisioned them when he took those pictures. He also needs to arrange the wedding album, print and then present them in a decorative way for you.

A professional wedding photography Northern Ireland service from is one that does serious time investment into all these. He does not take too much commission a year in order to focus on what he has in hand.


This is another thing that only time can give. An experienced photographer has more capabilities and insight to work on a job with fewer chances of failures. It’s totally up to you to whether trust someone who’s able to show you previous stunning pictures or some affordable photographer with little experience.

He also has more reasons for his actions and more effective in doing so. Meaning, the cost that you pay is really for each and every effort he puts into your wedding. Most professionals are also more likely to help out in various situations that you can’t imagine.


The value of wedding pictures that you get cannot be measured. If you are to, say, sell those wedding pictures, how much would want? In 40 years’ time, you’d realize that this is one of the most precious treasures with your beloved ones. There’s nothing you can give to go back in time and shoot more wedding pictures.

There’s also nothing you want in return to give out such precious memories from your wedding photography Northern Ireland.

Professional or Not: It Matters

wedding photographer HampshireYou’re probably in the middle of considering whether hiring an expensive photographer is really necessary. On the other hand, you can save a lot just by going with the cheaper option; the catch is still the same, wedding pictures.

However, in the case that you will get disappointed, we hope that this article can help you make up your mind about hiring a wedding photographer Hampshire.

Quality of pictures

They say you pay for what you get. In the case of wedding photography, it’s very much the truth. Talented, professional photographers don’t want to sell their service low, but it simply shows that they are giving their best and more than what you imagine.

What kind of difference? Let’s say you walk through a gallery of a photographer. Even if you go to the same place of what’s seen in those pictures, chances are you won’t be able to capture the look the way that photographer did. It’s not just about luck or places with great view; it’s about the ability to see what they want and realize that through their camera lens.

Service quality

As a person, a photographer can still look friendly despite having nasty skills. However, with professional, it’s not just about being friendly, but also professional in directing and helping you. A photographer’s role isn’t just to take pictures, but also to discuss with you about your style and preference in wedding pictures.

Photographers need to understand that some clients can’t tell you what they want, but judging from how they like some pictures, they can get a hang of the big picture. For example, when you meet the wedding photographer Hampshire behind the pictures at This photographer can tell your taste judging by how you prefer some pictures of others.

This helps them tell you, okay, we’ll take the pictures this way at this place. We can also try going to that place because I think it suits your place, so on and so forth.


What happens when your photographer breaks his arm? You need a replacement ASAP. You don’t have time to find another photographer and really, this is a problem your photographer brought upon himself! You should’ve asked for a guarantee before signing the contract.

A professional won’t leave you out in the cold. The guarantee comes from their wide networks of professional photographers. You can still get your wedding pictures with quality guaranteed. A professional always makes it important to stay connected and ensure their customers get the service they paid for.

There’s also insurance that not many cheap photographers can afford. The cost to get one is high but protect also their clients in the case something happens. Some wedding venues also require photographers to bring their proof of insurance.


The responsibility of a wedding photographer Hampshire doesn’t just stop at taking the pictures. They have to edit important ones to be placed in the wedding album or as agreed on the contract. They will also design the album and allow you one last look before sending it to be printed out. The photographer will then handcraft the album for you.

These details are important and cheap photographers don’t pay attention to the details. They probably won’t even suggest albums, but books, a cheaper alternative instead.

Family Portrait Photography Dos and Dont’s

family portrait photographyWhat are the things that shouldn’t be done in family portrait photography? In a session where a lot of people is involved, as a photographer, you’re expected to know what to do and take the best family picture of their history. It’ll be passed down for generations and their hopes are pretty high.

Refrain from doing these things and hopefully, your clients will come back again later with their younger generations.

Plan the photography well

The first thing you need to remember is to plan the photography really well. You’ll be having a lot of people tagging along and by then, you should have an idea of what kind of pose you want or where the pictures will be taken. Preparation has to be detailed as according to the information you got.

When you prepare, think about, not just the amount of people but also the age and their possible height. How many kids will be involved? How many families will come? Is it a big or small family? While you think about all this, it’s also a good thing to discuss with one or a couple of the family members about where and what kind of clothing they’d like to wear.


Matching color is one of the best options to go with. Most families don’t have fancy attires or that kind of hobby, to begin with. But, don’t shut the possibility completely. Always ask if they have something in mind that they really want to see in their pictures, because that’s what family portrait photography is about, at least for

Remind them the kind of clothing that shouldn’t be worn according to the venue, season or theme. They don’t have to go flat black or white; it can be rainbow if they want it to be. They’ll always appreciate your advice, while you should still respect what they want.

Be very careful before clicking the shutter

With a family, you’ve got a lot of organizing and directing to do. That includes the settings on your own camera. As mentioned before, planning the photography well is important and that also means the short-term preparation.

Loosen up the family members and chill with them a bit before the session. While you’re at it, set your camera to a suitable one because the family doesn’t have forever to wait you set it again and pose for too long in the same position.

Don’t rush when you’re about to shoot. Take your time to scan the group and notice what can be changed about it. What’s most important is that with a lot of people, there’s always a possibility that someone’s eyes (half) closed. Take numerous pictures, just in case.

Let them enjoy it!

Some family can be pretty… strict. In simple, getting ‘dirty’ or bathed in ‘sand’ isn’t the typical family portrait photography they’d imagined, but you know better. Being a family isn’t about standing formal and smile next to each other. It’s about loving and being happy with them.

When moms start to try to make kids stop being kids, gently tell them that after the session, you’d like to take some ‘fun time’ pictures. It’s not every day that they get to go out together and dressed nicely like this. And you also don’t want to stray from your main purpose: to capture unforgettable family time.

Baby Photography: Keeping it Safe and Fun

baby photographyFun and safe; those are the most important points any baby photographer has to remember. The session is only as great as how the baby is enjoying it. It will also define the success of the baby photography service you’re offering.

And now, let’s see why one would need to keep his session fun and safe. The gravity of it is bigger than you think.

Parents expect their child to enjoy it

Most parents come and book for a session with happy expressions in their imagination. It’s obvious since you also put up happy pictures of babies as your portfolios. While it’s a wrong notion that all babies laugh when they are exposed to the same thing, it’s common.

Before the session, you definitely need to tell the parents that baby reacts differently. They shouldn’t expect the same expression as they saw in other pictures. But that does not eliminate the fact that they still want laughing pictures more.

Dismiss the stress from the parents

With newborns, parents are especially facing new challenges and changes which potentially stress them out. Mothers are commonly exhausted from their fight the other night, so it’s only normal if they look groggy and tired. Keeping the session fun is a way to lessen the annoyance of having to wait for hours.

With baby pictures, the parents might not be as tired, but if this is the first time for them, it can still be the same. Help the parents to get the baby interested and make it into a fun session that creates a memorable time. Try checking out portfolios of baby photography from You can imagine that it has to be a nice session for the baby to be expressing such adorable looks and smiles.

Create a positive image

You should also keep your image as a photographer positive. Imagine if all you can show to parents are crying and shocked babies. Parents can’t exactly complain about your skill as a photographer but as a baby photographer… well, that’d prove to be hard.

Safety is also something that is important. Parents can complain, spread negative reviews and even sue you for using dangerous means to take pictures of their baby. Even if they may have seemed to be complying at first, when things go wrong, they will blame for being unprofessional at putting the baby in danger without parent’s ‘official consent’.

Let parents leave with a positive experience

Aside from the pictures, parents also want to have a positive and safe experience with having their baby’s pictures taken. It goes without saying that this is what you want because it’ll move them to give a great review about you.

If there’s anything stronger than professional marketing manager, that’d be the power of word-of-mouth. Happy parents are always eager to show off the pictures they got from you and tell others about how great you were as their photographer.

Every job is a precious chance to expand your exposure even more. At the same time, they can also be the downfall of you if don’t put your all into it. By making sure that each baby photography session is happy and safe for the baby and the parent, you should never worry anymore.